Development on Kerbal Space Program has ended after a decade

Kerbal Space Program 2 Will Not be on Epic Store

Squad—the team behind the excellent Kerbal Space Program, has announced an end of an era. The developer recently announced that KSP is seeing an end to sustained development. The reasons are obvious to fans, as all resources are being moved over to Kerbal Space Program 2. This will mean that  Kerbal Space Program will effectively remain on the 1.12 version.

“Even though we still may release a minor patch here and there when needed, with this patch we are officially completing the 1.12 update, as well as the sustained development of the original KSP, as we are now shifting gears towards the development of KSP2,” wrote Squad.

Development on the original game began to pick up steam after the first public release, back in June 2011. Since then, a hardcore community of modders and fans has kept the game going. Topping up tanks with more hype fuel by adding new features and gameplay modes. SInce the original launch, the game is vastly different.

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Kerbal Space Program 2  is currently slated for release in 2022, but hasn’t been without its issues. Players and fans noted controversy around the developers that handled both the original game and the sequel. The biggest bit of drama was when many of the original developers all quit. The allegations pointed to regular abuse and terrible pay by Squad. Squad sold the game to Take-Two in 2017 for a large, undisclosed, sum. So it would seem things were very rough over at the studio.

Another bit of weirdness is that KSP2 is being developed by an entirely different studio. Take-Two pushed the project onto a new studio after delays and other issues stalled out the original studio. This ended up with the publisher Private Division canceling its contract with Kerbal Space Program 2‘s now-defunct original developer.

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