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Rise of the Phoenix DLC Coming To Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Rise of the Phoenix DLC

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the Switch brawler that follows up to the excellent sequel from all those years ago, just keeps getting better. The base game already took fans through various iconic moments in Marvel canon, and now we’re getting something interesting, and dangerous. The Switch title will be getting a new DLC pack this month, with a new story segment coming soon. The Phoenix Force, a legendary antagonist in the X-Men brand, has returned.

The Phoenix Force is the cosmic baddie created from the character Jean Grey, and it’s no joke. Already being an ultra-powerful psychic with Grey, the amount of destruction this foe can wield is world-ending in scale. Taking down the resurgent Pheonix will take all of the might that the various Marvel heroes can muster.

The DLC pack will also add a new Danger room mode. The new game mode is a 4v4 battle simulator where teams duke it out for supremacy. It also looks to be staffed by a variety of NPC bad guys and other challenges.

The Rise of the Phoenix DLC pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will release on December 23, 2019. Check out the DLC in the trailer below.

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