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Black Core Alliance Lose Station Egg in Querious

EVE Online

On Nov. 11th, a station egg was lost in the Querious region. This was apparently the work of a small contingent of CFC pilots known as the “Reavers”. Who’ve been operating in N3 space for a while as a smash and grab guerrilla force. However, this is still speculative as no one has officially confirmed their existence.
As this station egg has been destroyed it would make it the 6th one ever destroyed in EVE’s history. The egg was attacked near downtime, by CFC forces, and as the fight progressed, PL forces (who are blue to the egg owning entity Black Core Alliance) arrived with an Ishtar fleet to defend the egg.
Their efforts were in vain as the egg was destroyed of course. PL appeared to get bored and left before the egg was destroyed, allowing the CFC to once again resume shooting it. At this time shortly after downtime, the egg had hit a low of 27% structure.

There are also reports that HERO had also been on field shooting the egg for a short time.
This op was ultimately the work of a spy in BCA. Which should impart a valuable lesson to all, opsec is kind of important.

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