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Pokemon GO leaks reveal new raid boss and Community Day details

Pokemon GO Community Day

Information datamined from a recent Pokemon Go update have revealed some new details about upcoming in-game events. In this case we got some insight into both the upcoming Community Day event, as well as a new EX Raid Boss.

The October Community Day will feature the Psychic- and Steel-type Beldum. Furthermore, it appears that its exclusive move will be Meteor Mash, there’s also shiny variants up for grabs of Pokemon like Beldum, Metang, and Metagross. This information was gleaned through a cloud storage data folder Niantic left open to public access. Pokemon Go community groups at SilphRoad confirmed the leak through a deep-dive of the code on Niantic’s site.

Although it remains to be see what other details there are about the event, like the research requirements to unlock it, we’ll probably get those within the next few days.

The other major news coming out of this recent round of leaks is that of a new raid boss coming to Pokemon Go. The newest break is that the legendary Psychic-type Deoxys is replacing Mewtwo in EX raids. Mewtwo was originally added in EX raids with an ultra-powerful set of moves and was a very sought after goal for many trainers.

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Replacing Mewtwo with Deoxys will likely irritate some players, but Niantic has made it easier access the challenging EX raids with a recent update that allowed friends to share EX Raid invites.

In other Pokemon Go news, we finally got a new Legendary raid with Regirock. And we the next Community Day events were announced, including Chikorita. And aside from new raids and events, there’s some new Shiny variants coming to the game.

Hopefully, more information about Deoxys will come soon, so keep your eyes glued here for more.

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