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Metro Exodus getting one final DLC, ” Sam’s Story” arriving Feb. 11

Metro Exodus Story Trailer

Since Metro 2033 released back in 2010, millions of gamers have been engrossed in the story of the Moscow subway and it’s post-apocalyptic environs. The strife of living in a dangerous and confined world, racked by suffering and political violence, served as a major allegory for the restrictive feeling of modern humanity in the digital age. As humanity has become closer through technology, many have been left alienated and alone. The Metro series has helped millions to recognize through fiction just what that story can look like at both it’s best and worst moments. It’s truly a masterpiece and any excuse to spend time in the world is a good one.

Now, with the impending release the second major story expansion, you’re getting that excuse. The player will pick up the role of U.S. Marine Sam, a Spartan Ranger who has been part of this world since the nuclear bombs fell all those years ago. Sam follows the way laid down by series stalwart Arytom, and attempts to find some sense of salvation in this dead and blasted world. But despite the progress, the world remains hellish.

This new DLC is described as a “sandbox survival” experience, wherein Sam must venture through the gauntlet of Vladivostok, while finding new weapons, mutant variants and side characters in his mission to survive and make it back home. The locale has been ruined by extensive flooding, so expect some strange aquatic mutants to surface here.

Sam’s Story will push the player to make some hard choices, just like the rest of the series. Can you guide Sam back to his home in the rotted remains of America? What will have to be sacrificed along the way? Sam’s Story is set to debut on Feb. 11th. This is the last major story expansion for the newest game in the franchise, so hop in now. There are of course other addons like the photo mode in Metro Exodus, but nothing else for story content aside from the two story packs.

The Metro Exodus expansion pass sells for $24.99, and includes this new DLC as well as previously released content. Chief among that older DLC is The Two Colonels story expansion that released last year. Metro Exodus is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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