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Where to Get Earth Reagents in New World

How to find Clams in New World

Of the many different crafting materials, they all fall into different categories. There are many kinds of crafting items and raw resources in New World, Amazon’s new MMO is rife with stuff to find. Earth Reagents in New World are one of these many items. If you want a fast way to find any resource, use the New World map that the community has put together. For those who want to know without having to fiddle with it. But, if you want to get going, keep reading.

Earth Reagents in New World are actually an entire class of items you can gain from various sources. Of the many types of Reagents, each one has its own uses. They’re all used in Arcana and Alchemy quite heavily. Also, there are many tiers to each kind of Reagent. For example, Common Mana Potion requires 1 Water, and 1 Tier 2 Magical Reagent – which can be any of the following: Soulsprout Stem, Suncreeper Tendril, Tanglewisp, or Bumbleblossom.

To make the most out of your harvesting runs, make sure to take time to increase your weight capacity beforehand. This is a huge help to carrying more loot, and is well worth the investment in gold and time. Having better bags in this MMO is very important.

All Earth Reagents

Below you will find a list of all the current Earth Reagents in New World. Each one comes from different sources.

Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Earth Mote Earth Wisp Earth Essence Earth Quintessence
Earthspine Stem Earthspine Leaf Earthspine Flower Earthshell Tail
Petalcap Loamy Loadstone

As for where to find each one, that depends on what you’re after. Multiple nodes exist that can drop multiple tiers of resources.

All these items can also be purchased from Trading Posts, granted that another player has placed a Sell Order. But for finding locations of each one, look below.

Earth Motes

Earth Motes are the most basic type of Essence Resource. They are common Tier 2 Earth Reagents that are used in Alchemy. Earth Mote is harvested from Earthspine, Earthcrag, and Earthshell Turtle. Common clusters of these are in the center of Edengrove near the Genesis of Malevolence. You can also get Loamy Loadstone from the Earthcrag found in this area.

Earthspine Stems

Eaerthspine Stem is a Tier 2 Earth Reagent and Protective Reagent in New World. can be found around Monarch’s Bluff, and Windsward. There’s plenty in those areas. You will need to bring a Sickle and have level 30 Harvesting Skill for it.


Petalcap is harvested from Petalcap Fungus. This is found commonly at the borders of First Light and Windsward, specifically in Perilbrook and Eldergate. Some clusters can also be gathered near the Windsward Settlement. You don’t need to have any Harvesting skill to get it.

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Earth Wisps

Earth Wisps can be crafted at Tier 3 or higher Arcane Repositories as long as you have five Earth Motes. You need Arcana level 25 to create the reaction.

Earthspine Leaves

The Earthspine Leaf is an Uncommon Resource that can be acquired from Earthspine Plants. Earthspine flowers, stems, and leaf can also be harvested from these nodes. You can find these plants in forests and are most common in Windsward and Monarch’s Bluff.

Loamy Lodestones

This Tier 3 Reagent can be mined from a Vein called Earthcrag. It requires your Mining Skill to be at level 50. Grab a pick and head to Mourningdale to find a bunch of EarthcragThere are a ton in Northern Mourningdale to the east of Last Stand. A handful can also be found throughout Restless Shore.

Earth Essence

This Resource is a Tier 4 Earth Reagent that can be crafted at Tier 4 Arcane Repositories by combining four Earth Wisps. Go and harvest Earthcrag mining nodes to get a bunch of Earth Motes if you’re looking to get your hands on this.

Earthspine Flowers

The Earthspine Flower is a Tier 4 rare resource that can be obtained from the Earthspine Plants. You can find these plants in forests and are most common in Windsward and Monarch’s Bluff. The flowers can also be harvested from Earthspine nodes in Weaver’s Fen.

Earth Quintessence

Earth Quintessence is a Tier 4 epic Resource that can be crafted by combining three Earth Essences at an Arcane Repository. So yeah, you need a lot of Arcana skill to make this work. Dozens of Earth Motes would be required to make just a few of the Earth Quintessence. The one good thing is that you can get a lot of XP.

Earthshell Turtles

The Earthshell Turtle is a nodethat players can harvest once their Harvesting skill reaches level 10. You can harvest Tails and other Earth Reagents in New World from them.

Earthshell turtles can be found in a few different areas. The best spot is in Edengrove north of Valor hold. Run along the large body of water north of this settlement. The eastern side of the lake has a bunch of turtles. They can also be found around Restless Shore, Ebonscale Reach and Monarch’s Bluff.

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