How to Stitch Wounds in Project Zomboid

How to heal a Deep Wound in Project Zomboid

The zombie apocalypse is a rough place. There are many little things you need to do to survive in Project Zomboid. There are many skills to level, and gear to find; there are tons to build as well.  Players have a lot to learn. A big part of surviving is the process of learning how to patch up wounds. Getting hurt sucks in video games as much as it does in real life. So here’s a guide that explains some of the vital mechanics in this game.

For this guide, you’re going to learn how to stitch wounds in Project Zomboid, which is actually very important. The process requires both a select set of materials and a bit of mechanical understanding. An untreated deep wound will continue to damage the player, which can be treated temporarily with a bandage, however making it dirty within a few seconds. Therefore, stitching a deep wound is the wisest treatment for a deep wound. This should be done with a suture needle, here’s what to do.

What wounds to stitch and how to do it

First of all, you won’t need to stitch up every wound your character suffers in the game. Most of the minor cuts and scrapes that don’t come from zombies can be simply cleaned and bandaged. After a short amount of time, these minor wounds will heal. When you pop open the health menu and look at your character status, you will see red text for any wounds.

The only types of wounds that players have to stitch up are deep wounds. These will be listed as DeepWound on the health menu. The source of these wounds is often severe cuts, like from when you cut yourself on a broken window. You need to be very careful about pushing through broken glass, or hurtling over fences. These are the two most common ways players get deep wounds.

You will find that there are two different items to use for stitching wounds in Project Zomboid, but one is better than the other. The basic option is the simple needle and thread. Residential buildings are the best source for this, and they can be something you should always carry on you if you’re going out of your safe zone.

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The Needle is most often found in bathrooms in residential homes. Look inside the Medicine Cabinets above sinks to see what you find. You can also find medicine and first aid supplies in these cabinets, so they’re always worth raiding. A medicine cabinet inside a bathroom has a fairly small chance of having medical items and is more likely to contain items like sheets, bleach, bath towels and hairspray.

The better option is to grab the Suture Needle. You can stitch wounds in Project Zomboid with the Suture Needle, causing less pain on your avatar. This will mean that there’s less of a negative impact on you from the wound.

How to suture a wound

The basic idea is that you first use a bottle of disinfectant to clean the wound if you can, then use the needle and thread via the right-click actions to suture the wound closed.  Open up the Health menu and then look at your body. Find the deep wound and right-click on it. If you already have the item required to stitch it up you will see the option to ‘Stitch’ the injury.

There are plenty of other things to learn about the game as well. Before you go out on that supply run, make sure you’re well prepared for what’s to come. Basic tasks like boiling water are key to survival. You must know how to build defenses too. Cleaning up after yourself after all the zombie-slaying is a good idea. You don’t want a bunch of blood hanging around. Burning corpses is also a great thing to do.

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