How to upgrade rare and unique items in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2: Resurrected pulled no punches in making the classic CRPG its best. By improving the visuals and bringing the game’s content to new platforms, millions are enjoying it. The push to get back into the war against Diablo has pulled millions of fans back in. But with a new battle, comes a new need for gear.

Item upgrades have been a part of the Diablo franchise for some time. Diablo 3 expanded on the idea by allowing players to use Kanai’s Cube to unlock some truly insane powers. Diablo 2: Resurrected being a remake of the original second game brought some of this forward, by improving the system from the original game, and adding a few things here and there. When you need to upgrade rare and unique items in Diablo 2: Resurrected, here’s what to do.

Recipes to upgrade rare and unique items in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Each of the recipes in the Horadric Cube is based on a few items. Players need the item they wish to upgrade, as well as a few Runes and Gems. The Gems need to be Perfect quality, which means they need to be fully upgraded. Since these are basically Rune recipes, it might help to memorize the rest of them to help gear any of your characters.

To get these powerful items, you’re probably going to be farming a lot on Nightmare difficulty. But the effort is worth it. You can use these recipes to boost the attack, defense and added stats of items you find. Rares and Uniques can be crafted in this manner. You might also want to learn how to socket gear, that way you can further upgrade their stats.

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Normal rare armor to Exceptional

  • Normal rare armor
  • Thul rune
  • Ral rune
  • Perfect Amethyst

Normal rare weapon to Exceptional

  • Normal rare weapon
  • Amn rune
  • Ort rune
  • Perfect Sapphire

Exceptional rare armor to Elite

  • Exceptional rare armor
  • Pul rune
  • Ko rune
  • Perfect Amethyst

Exceptional rare weapon to Elite

  • Exceptional rare weapon
  • Um rune
  • Fal rune
  • Perfect Sapphire

Unique Upgrade Recipes

You can also upgrade Unique items as well. These Uniques are about the same difficulty to craft, but great for enabling top-end builds. Being able to effectively roll for Uniques is great if you have enough Runes and Gems to handle it.

Normal unique armor to Exceptional

  • Normal unique armor
  • Shael rune
  • Tal rune
  • Perfect Diamond

Normal unique weapon to Exceptional

  • Normal unique weapon
  • Sol rune
  • Ral rune
  • Perfect Emerald

Exceptional unique armor to Elite

  • Exceptional unique armor
  • Lem rune
  • Ko rune
  • Perfect Diamond

Exceptional unique weapon to Elite

  • Exceptional unique weapon
  • Lum rune
  • Pul rune
  • Perfect Emerald
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