How to Increase Collector Level in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 pushed back to 2022

As Gran Turismo 7 debuts and gearheads go nuts for it, there’s a lot to learn about this new iteration. Players are digging deep under the hood to find out just how this new sequel ticks. There’s a huge amount of different parts you can bolt onto your rides. And as you expand your garage, those options only get more varied. And as you creep up in the rankings, the competition gets more fierce. You need to have the best possible combination of cars and parts to compete and win.

The game is built around this grind, and that means a lot of work is ahead of an aspiring racer. The arduous task of unlocking dozens of cars and hundreds of parts is a big one, and players have a fair few incentives to do so. The first thing you will notice that a bunch of features need to be unlocked via some kind of grinding out races and Cr. One such thing is the ability to tune and upgrade cars in more competitive ways. Serious engine upgrades are locked behind progression in something called Collector Level in Gran Turismo 7. Keep reading to figure out what that is.

What is Collector Level in Gran Turismo 7?

Whenever you buy or acquire a new car, you will gain Collector Points based on how much your new vehicle is worth. For every 1,000 credits that a car costs, you will get 1 Collector Point. A 50,000 Cr car will give you 50 Points

Here’s each unlock that occurs at each Collector Level in GT7. The unlocks range from new cosmetic items like helmets, to important gameplay features.

  • Collector Level 4 – Unlocks Club Sports tuning parts in the shop. Requires 250 Points.
  • Collector Level 5 – Unlocks Semi-Racing tuning parts in the shop. Requires 390 Points.
  • Collector Level 6 – Unlocks Racing tuning parts in the shop. Requires 550 Points.
  • Collector Level 7 – Unlocks Extreme tuning parts in the shop. Requires 730 Points.
  • Collector Level 8 – Unlocks Arai GP-6 GT helmet. Requires 950 Points.
  • Collector Level 10 – Unlocks mission “Beyond the Horizon.” Requires 1510 Points.
  • Collector Level 11 – Unlocks Alpinestars Suit No1. Requires 1850 Points.
  • Collector Level 12 – Unlocks mission “Rolling Stone.” Requires 2240 Points.
  • Collector Level 13 – Unlocks Arai GP-6 metallic helmet. Requires 2680 Points.
  • Collector Level 14 – Unlocks Puma Suit No2 Racing Suit. Requires 3170 Points.
  • Collector Level 15 – Unlocks mission “Moby Dick.” Requires 3710 Points.
  • Collector Level 16 – Unlocks Arai GP-6 metallic GT helmet. Requires 4300 Points.
  • Collector Level 17 – Unlocks mission “Gone With the Wind.” Requires 4950 Points.
  • Collector Level 18 – Unlocks Alpinestars Suit No2. Requires 5650 Points.
  • Collector Level 19 – Unlocks mission “The Sun Also Rises.” Requires 6400 Points.
  • Collector Level 23 – Unlocks Arai GP-6 RC Carbon helmet. Requires 9900 Points.
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One of the best ways to progress in the game is to do the Book challenges, as well as the License Tests. Completing these tests will earn you both Credits and new parts. It’s also a good way to earn some extra Credits by doing very well on these tests. Completing World Events is the best option though, as you will unlock cars and upgrades pretty reliably by completing events in these modes. World Circuit events also give out plenty of Cr that can be used to buy upgrade parts and used cars, making the further grind a lot easier to take on.

Buying Legend Cars from the Legend Cars showroom is another method if you have a lot of Credits to burn. These cars are some of the best in the game, and worth a ton of cash. You can seriously inflate your Collector Level by buying these cars up when they catch your eye.

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