How to get Magic Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

How to process ingredients in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact 1.1 update has added a ton of new content. The patch has some new recipes and some new crafting materials. One of the new harvestable resources included in the patch is Magic Crystal Chunks. These are very useful for certain crafting elements, so you can use them pretty well to power up your party. Here’s how to get and use Magic Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact.

You can speak with Wagner the Blacksmith in Mondstadt, or Master Zhang the Blacksmith in Liyue to begin once you reach Rank 2 Crystal Chunk and Magical Crystal Chunk ore deposits will be marked on your map when you talk to them with the feature active. These are unlocked with the City Reputation system in the game. Head to the NPCs and trigger the Mining Outcrop Search by asking if they have “Any tips on finding ore in Mondstadt?”

Magic Crystal Chunks spawn alongside normal Crystal Chunks, just in smaller amounts. Roll up on any highlighted nodes and smack them with heavy attacks to get a couple of Magic chunks per node.

If you want to know where pretty much anything else is in the game, there’s a tool for that. The community has created an online interactive map that lists all the spawn locations for all the different items, Geoculus locations, Statues of the Seven, and much more. Check it out and make sure to bookmark it for later use.

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What to use them for

These crystal chunks can be refined into Weapon EXP materials by using Original Resin. Using 3 Magical Crystal Chunk + 10 Resin + 100 Mora can make 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore every 6 seconds. This can be used to earn thousands of Weapon EXP with up to 300,000 Weapon EXP per day. You also get 50 Adventure Rank EXP per use as you’re consuming Resin.

These are mostly meant for high-level players as the amount of EXP needed to raise higher rarity weapons is pretty high. You gain 50,000 Weapon EXP if you use a 4-Star weapon to enhance another, a batch of Enhancement Ore can gran 60,000 Weapon EXP. For lower-level players, there are much better things to spend your Resin on, like Artifact Domains or Character Ascension. So save this for leveling up your best weapons.

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