How to delete games and apps on the Xbox Series X

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Due to the way the SSD storage on the Xbox Series X/S works, you’re rather limited in what you can store at once. Without spending that insane $200 for expandable storage you will just have to manage your storage. The video games are getting larger and larger as time goes on, so it’s something you will just have to deal with. So you will eventually have to clear up space. As you finish up games and get new ones, you might want to learn how to remove old data from the console.

You could just clear the system entirely if you want to start over, but that’s really annoying if you do a full factory reset. So instead of driving yourself nuts it’s better to just delete certain games and apps on the Xbox Series X. It’s a very easy process once you learn how to do it. If you’re an Xbox One owner, you’re already somewhat familiar, as the new console has a pretty similar menu layout.

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This process will remove the app/game from the console along with all of its data, so you will have to download it again if you wish to hop back in. Here’s how to do it.

How to delete games and apps on the Xbox Series X

  • Open up the “My Games and Apps” section of the home menu.
  • Select the game or app you want to remove.
  • Look for the small button underneath the “X” on the top part of the screen with the game selected.
  • Click that button and open the management submenu, Click “Uninstall.”
  • Then click “Uninstall All.”

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