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PlayStation 5 won’t support external SSD upgrades at launch

All PlayStation 5 launch day sales will be online only

Back when that PS5 teardown, which can be seen below, was released fans noticed something. The PlayStation 5 is said to come with around 800GB of usable storage, according to early reviews, but the teardown revealed no obvious means for expansion. That’s a huge problem in an era when games are regularly taking up more than 100GB of storage. And now we got more bad news as Sony has confirmed that the functionality won’t be available at launch in a statement to The Verge.

This means that the new console won’t have an option for expandable storage at launch like the Xbox Series X. Sony has said that they are working on a solution, but it will take a while. As of now it looks like the PlayStation 5 will receive a software patch to add in support for some existing devices. So if you happen to have an SSD enclosure that you can use, it may work on PS5. We will have to wait for more details before we can confirm what devices will work.

Sony has detailed some other features of the new console this week which could interest you. If you’re a PS4 owner and want to move all your games over to the new consoles, you can. The system does support regular current-gen  USB 3.0 HDDs. So you can move stuff off your PS4, such as backwards-compatible titles and store them on either external storage long-term, or move them over to the PS5 for play. You won’t be able to stream games from external storage though.

PlayStation 5 is set for release on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and several other regions. The UK and other territories will have to wait until November 19.

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