How to play Satisfactory multiplayer between Epic Games Store and Steam

Satisfactory multiplayer basics

As a singleplayer game, Satisfactory has quite an appealing formula. There’s the drive to build bigger and smokier machines that spew noise and pollution. If it wasn’t for the space themes, one would think you were trapped in the Soviet Union. OK, jokes aside, it’s a really fun game. Satisfactory multiplayer can be really fun too.

Getting together with your buddies to take on the alien life and pollute the planet, and with the game on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, there’s plenty of potential players. You can host private games on either platform. Question is, is there cross-play support between both Steam and the Epic Games Store?

The Satisfactory multiplayer works off of unique Session IDs, and you can easily jump between games to get folks together. Since Satisfactory multiplayer is peer-to-peer, it’s easy to run it regardless of client. As of now, there is only the option for private multiplayer. To get started, just host a game and send the Session ID to those you wish to join. Those with the same Session ID as the host will join the host’s game.

To set up a multiplayer game, load into the game and open the menu. Within the main menu, you will find an option for “Manage Session”. Opening that menu will show you your Session ID, as well as various related settings. Within this menu you can toggle a game to Private. If a game is set to Private, individual invites will have to be sent to all players.

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There are not announced plans for public matchmaking or sessions yet. That may require a rework of game code or backend servers to handle the load, which will take time. And given that this game is still very early, expect bugs and other issues. Players are reporting that multiplayer can be a bit prone to bugs and crashes. Although since it’s still Early Access, it’s understandable that things are not 100% smooth yet.

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