All the weapons in Doom Eternal, and where to find them

How to kill marauders in Doom Eternal

The latest Doom shooter would not be a solid experience without all of the guns and explosions. Weapons in Doom Eternal are just as important as the demons, as they’re what give the iconic Doom Guy a big chunk of his aesthetic and power. The weapons in Doom Eternal are varied and deadly, here’s how to get them.

Combat Shotgun

The main Doom gun that most players remember from the classic games. This will be your goto weapon for most of your demonic encounters throughout the game and its story. The sticky bomb and the full auto augments offer a nice ranged projectile for stunning certain demonic units, as well as a sustained fire mode for better dealing with large groups of enemies.

You start the game with this weapon.

Super Shotgun

A much more powerful version of the base Combat Shotgun that offers better stopping power over the base shotgun, thanks to its double barrels. The trade-off is that it has a very limited ammo capacity. But it deals serious damage against bosses. The Hook addon allows players to zip from enemy to enemy, blasting them in the face with ease.

You locate this after taking control of a Revenant in the Cultist Base.

Heavy Cannon

The most focus-fire of the arsenal in this game. The Heavy Cannon not only has a decent fire-rate, but also great stopping power. With the scope mod you can increase the range. The missile barrage offers good AoE damage for general battles too.

You find this weapon during the Hell on Earth mission, after defeating a wave of demons and encountering your first Arachnatron.

Plasma Rifle

This light rapid-fire weapon is the main energy cell consumer in the game. With a low damage value but high rate-of-fire, there’s a good case for using this to wipe the floor with hordes of weaker demons in Doom Eternal. It also has microwave and heatwave augments that allow the player to alter the damage profile of the weapon.

Can be found in the Exultia mission after you enter Hell, it’s located right near the portal.

Rocket Launcher

Another solid option for Doom fans when talking about their favorite classic weapon. Quicker projectiles compared to other heavy weapons, and tons of splash damage make this a great weapon for nearly any occasion. This version also has remote detonation and lock on upgrades which can aid in targeting your foes effectively.

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Near the end of the Cultist Base level, there is a fight with some Mancubus demons, look near the ledges in this arena for the Rocket Launcher.


Another energy weapon with surprisingly strong versatility and damage. This heavy crossbow is modified to deal tons of damage and even has two modifications: arbalist and destroyer blades, both of which offer more damage profile for dealing with masses of demons. The destroyed blades, in particular, are great an AoE weapon since the horizontal blasts they spew out are lethal for demons they touch.

After completing the Cultist Base you receive this in the Fortress of Doom.

Chain Gun

This is the suppression fire option for the game. Doom Eternal offers players a huge drum of ammo and a high fire rate in the Chain Gun, this is best for the clearing of a variety of smaller demons, before using your heavier weapons on tougher bosses.

You can grab this weapon during the Super Gore Nest mission, after you attempt to blow up the demon nest, there’s a locked door in the room. Complete the next area and backtrack to this locked door and the Chain Gun should be there when you open it.


The BFG is the “the” Doom gun. This massive weapon is seemingly powerful, but only really useful in certain fights. The slow-moving but devastating projectiles are basically a nuke, but they can be easily dodged by more mobile enemies. The big advantage is that the BFG crawls across the battlefield, and latches onto nearby demons, dealing damage.

Get the BFG-9000 inside the BFG-10000 when you enter into the Mars Core later in the game.

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