Where to farm Crystal Core in Genshin Impact

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Read this guide on how to get Crystal Core in Genshin Impact. Including locations of Crystal Core, how to farm them and so on. The biggest reason you want to start farming this now is that it will be needed to create Condensed Resin after update 1.1 arrives. And it’s very likely that spawn locations will change on the 11th when that happens.

Where to farm Crystal Core in Genshin Impact

You can get Crystal Cores by collecting Crystalfly in Mondstadt, and Geo Crystalfly in Liyue, they’re kind of hard to find though.

You will see these little creatures floating around that look a little like a common butterfly, those are your target. The problem arises when you notice how fast they fly around. You need to get close to them and press the interact prompt to catch one, so it takes a bit of work to get the timing right. Let’s start by talking about where to find them.


The best place to farm Crystalfly in Mondstadt is at the Statue of the Seven in Windrise. They spawn most often at night in the area around the statue. Bring in a fast character that can easily move around and grab them. Keep in mind that Crystalfly despawn when hit with attacks, so don’t try to freeze them in place.

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Dadaupa Gorge is another spot where you can find the basic flies around. It’s just south of the Falcon Coast, grab the teleporter there to come back here later. Just take the fastest character you have and run around at night to find plenty of them. You will want to mash to interact button when you get close to make sure you get it.

The best places to farm Crystal Core in Genshin Impact


Geo Crystalfly in Liyue can be reliably found at night on the Guyun Stone Forest in the southeast part of the map. There’s a small chain of islands here that’s a pretty good spawn point, and thanks to the condensed area, it’s easier to catch them.

Liyue has another small cluster outside Liyue Harbor. There’s a large rock outcropping and a teleporter just to the west, use that to make farming runs at night.

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