How to get Xiao Lantern Materials in Genshin Impact

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The Xiao Lantern Materials in Genshin Impact are part of the new content being added in update 1.3. The new story features some mysterious characters and quests, and of course, new min-games and materials. One of these tasks is the new Lantern Rite Festival. You need to gather some very specific materials from across Mondstadt and beyond to make the latern. Here are the items you need and where to get them quickly.

How to get a Xiao Lantern

Here’s how to make a Xiao Lantern and what materials you need:

  • Plaustrite Shard
  • Lantern Fibre
  • Wick Material

Lantern Fiber

Lantern Fibers are the easiest thing to get. You will want to head to Mondstadt and get Valberry bushes. You need to gather 4 Lantern FIbers from each bush. This makes it very easy to gather enough for a new Lantern. The best place to collect Valberry is in the Stormbearer Mountains. You can also collect various other items in this area too.

Wick Material

The item for the Lantern Rite Festival also needs Wick Material. You can only get this item by killing certain enemies across the game world. This item only drops from Fatui elites and hilichurl-type enemies. Use your Adventurer’s Handbook to find these enemies in their various spawns. Although you can find the hillchurl mobs in one spot pretty reliably. Head to the Stormbearer Point fast travel node and head north from there to the edge of the area. You will find a small camp there with some of these mobs. Farm them for this next component.

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Plaustrite Shards

Any mining node, including the ones that also spawn Crystal Chunks or White Iron Chunks, can be used to farm Plaustrite Shards. These can be found all over, but it’s best to use a set route. If you want to make more than one Xiao Lantern, you need more than a few of each of these materials. Use you Crystal Chunk guide to find the best farming spots for the Shards.

With all the materials gathered, you can start to build those lanterns, and just keep building them by farming more stuff.

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