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BDO introduces new militia system for player groups

Black Desert Online

Black Desert’s November 1st update is sporting a couple of new ways for players to group up and pursue a common goal.

The militia system was designed so that all players, regardless of guild involvement, can partake in the weekly conquest war as an offensive or defensive member. On a smaller scale is the platoon, a temporary group of up to 20 players that are trying to knock out a shared objective.

These world PvP events were previously a mechanism exclusive to guilds that would allow them to fight for control of an area. The new militia system allows players from all over Calpheon to fight on one side or the other. You do have to be already in a guild to partake though. Any Adventurer in a Guild and has a combined AP and DP of over 400 can register for the Offensive and Defensive Militia. Registration is open every Saturday for 45 minutes starting an hour before the Conquest War begins.

As a Militia member, you can only attack the opposing Militia and Guild. However, a member of one of the Defensive or Offensive Guilds can turn on Force PvP and attack allied Militia members without decreasing Karma. Therefore, you should be always careful.

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All members of the winning Militia will receive 20,000,000 in Guild Funds, in addition to 1,000 Guild Activity Points and 1,000,000 Silver individually.

So who knows, we may see the formation of genuine mercenary groups in BDO with the introduction of this system.

Even as the patch rolls out, the dev team is working to fix an issue with the recent Halloween event: “We’re working on a solution for the Halloween event that is good for everyone. We ask you not to make tickets at this time.”

Meanwhile, players over in Southeast Asia are being invited into the Black Desert fold for testing. The devs are currently accepting new applications fro the closed beta for South-East Asia, but no matter what, everyone can fiddle about with the character creator on the test server to see what they can make.

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