How to complete the Creeper by the Dozen Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Creeper by the Dozen Challenge in BitLife

With the end of a week, comes a glorious weekend. And for gamers, that means time to invest in the hobby. Some developers also like to run events during this time, and that holds true for BitLife developer, CandyWriter. Players have jumped into the game and been greeted with a new challenge. For the next few days, you can claim a special cosmetic in-game by finishing the challenge. Keep reading to figure out what’s happening this week.

Some challenges in BitLife are easier than others. This week, the Creeper by the Dozen Challenge in BitLife has a few weird things in store for avid gamers.

How to complete the Creeper by the Dozen Challenge in BitLife

This week. you’ve got four days to build your own spooky family. You need to get quite a large family this time around, and live in a totally haunted house. It’s a very scary time in BitLife. Here are the steps you need to complete.

  • Be born a male in New Jersey
  • Marry someone with 2+ children
  • Have 5+ of your own
  • Adopt 4+ children
  • Own a haunted mansion

Being born in New Jersey is easy, just use God Mode if you have it. If not, you can simply make a male character in the US and check the state you’re born in. You should be able to be born in New Jersey even if you have to reset and remake the character a few times. You will see the city you’re born in listed as Newark when you get the right one.

Next, you need to get a bit rich, that will help later. Focus early in life on your education and get a good job that pays well. You will have to go to University for this to work, so pick a career path like a Doctor and pursue that. Get a medical degree or advanced University degree, then get a high-paying job, you’re going to need it. During this time, try to look for a partner to marry. If they already have two kids, great, but there are ways around that part of the challenge.

Getting new digs

Once you have a good job, you might want to go house shopping. You don’t have to buy a royal estate though, any haunted mansion will do for this challenge. Like any other asset in the game, the process for buying it will be the same. When you want to buy a house, head to the Assets tab, then click Go Shopping at the bottom to get started.  Just look through the various options and look at the possible prices you can afford. If you have the cash to buy it outright, offer to buy it upfront. This will avoid monthly payments, but can easily cost millions of dollars for a mansion. If you can’t afford that, go for a loan and deal with the monthly payments instead. Be sure to choose one that’s marked as haunted in the title to complete the challenge.

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You will see the following listing in the real estate section, you want the haunted ones:

  • Haunted Manor
  • Manor
  • Luxurious Manor

If you’re trying to complete a certain challenge, you might need to own a haunted house, so be on the lookout for that. If the houses you see listed in the various realtors don’t work for you, you can always reroll the options. To reroll the listed houses, just age your character by using the Age Up button.

Building a family

Getting married is easy, it’s the finding a spouse who already has two children that’s harder. After working your way through life, you need to find a partner who already has kids from a previous relationship. This can be done pretty easily if you have God Mode. You can just edit a friend to have two kids, then simply date them and marry them. Remember to go ring shopping before proposing. The other option is to make babies before you get married. That’s pretty simple, as you just use the Make Love option with the heart next to it. Have two kids, then get married.

Once the two of you have married and you add the kids to your family, the next step is to have five kids together. There’s a Make Love option in your partner’s menu within the Relationship tab, that’s a euphemism for something. Do that enough times until your partner is pregnant, then keep pumping out kids. You should have 7+ kids by the time you’re done. That’s where the huge house comes in.

Eventually, you also need to adopt four kids. You will not be able to adopt children if you do not have a suitable house and sustainable lifestyle, so be sure to have the house and high-paying job already locked in. Go into the Activities menu and select Adoption to get started. You will be given a range of children to pick from, maybe go for ones with a green Behavior bar to cut down on drama, ages don’t matter too much. Grab the first four that catch your eye and move on.

That’s it, you’ve finished the Creeper by the Dozen Challenge in BitLife!

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