How to marry someone with two kids in BitLife

How to complete the Creeper by the Dozen Challenge in BitLife

With the end of a week, comes a glorious weekend. And for gamers, that means time to invest in the hobby. Some developers also like to run events during this time, and that holds true for BitLife developer, CandyWriter. Players have jumped into the game and been greeted with a new challenge. For the next few days, you can claim a special cosmetic in-game by finishing the challenge. Keep reading to figure out what’s happening this week.

Some challenges in BitLife are easier than others. This week, the Creeper by the Dozen Challenge in BitLife has a few weird things in store for avid gamers. This one is actually a bit weirder than normal, mostly due to how many kids you need to have. You must own a haunted mansion as well, but the family is the focus of this guide. To get started on the right foot, you need to marry someone with two kids in BitLife. You then need to have 5 kids of your own with them, and then adopt 4 more. You should end up with about 11 kids by the time this is all over.

How to marry someone with two kids in BitLife

The fastest way to do this is with God Mode. You can edit your partner to have two kids and then move on. During getting your education for that high-paying job you’re going to need to support this huge family, look for a wife. During this time, try to look for a partner to marry. If they already have two kids, great, but there are ways around that part of the challenge.

You could also try to have the kids before getting married. This can be done pretty easily if you have God Mode. You can just edit a friend to have two kids, then simply date them and marry them. Remember to go ring shopping before proposing. The other option is to make babies before you get married. That’s pretty simple, as you just use the Make Love option with the heart next to it. Have two kids, then get married.

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Getting married involves picking a venue and planning the wedding, make sure to do that via the Relationships menu when you propose. Pick a venue and budget and get hitched. Make sure to have the mansion lined up before you get married if you can. Any haunted mansion will do for this challenge. That will save you some time and you can move on to the other steps.

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