How to Complete Livening Up the Flowers in New Pokémon Snap

How to Complete Livening Up the Flowers in New Pokémon Snap

Livening Up the Flowers is one of many challenges in New Pokémon Snap. The game has so many more Pokémon to catch, as well as hidden tasks to find. The game makes the hidden challenges more robust compared to the N64 game with the new LenTalk requests. When you are sent out to find a specific monster, they will often spawn in slightly different ways each time you find them. Completing Livening Up the Flowers is pretty simple, you just need to know what to do. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Complete Livening Up the Flowers in New Pokémon Snap

You will find that the quest has the following description: “Sometimes Florgres seems to gather natural power from its surroundings. Would you mind getting a photograph of this striking behavior?” That should clue you in a bit. To complete the Livening Up the Flowers LenTalk request in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll need to head into the Florio Nature Park during the daytime.

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The type you’re after is a group of Fairy-Type Pokémon. When you reach the end of the level, you should spot a small clearing to your right with a Comfey and Vivillon. These two will be followed by a Florges in the nearby patch of flowers. You want to wait until the Florges is all by its lonesome, and then wait. It will begin to channel an ability and become surrounded by light beams.

Grab a few pictures of the mon in the flowers powering up, and then take your best shots back to the Professor. Get a good shot and score it, the challenge should complete when you turn in the finished picture of the monster powering up.

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