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PS5 will now notify users if they’re playing PS4 versions of games

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With a new console update, Sony has added a pretty useful feature to the PlayStation 5. The console will now prompt users when booting a new game and allow them to choose the version they wish to play. The PlayStation 5 version confirmation prompt will fire for any game where there is both a PS5 and PS4 versions available.

The update was noticed by PS5 users over the last week, and it would seem that  Sony snuck the feature in via a stealth hardware firmware patch. There’s been no patch notes released for the version change, so there’s no way to confirm what else was in the update.

The users noted that the feature seems to be a partial change until Sony has begun marking games on the PlayStation Store as PS4 or PS5 versions. This has still not been done, although it appears Sony is working on it. When that does happen, we expect to see the confirmation dialogue a lot. It’s also a good bet that it will be a while before we see many games even needing to use this feature though. It’s pretty undeniable that the PS5 launch stable is pretty bare right now.

PlayStation 5 seemingly adds game version confirmation

Right now though, the options remain limited, as many games have had their true PS5 ports pushed into 2021. So until Sony decides to make listings for games clearly marked, this PlayStation 5 version confirmation is the only way to swap between different forms of the game.

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