Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring

Where to Find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a ton of side content and hidden items to be found. As you explore the huge new world, you’re bound to find some unique stuff. Not only are there legions of powerful enemies to fight and loot to collect, but players will also find a robust collection of quests. There’s actually a whole trove of fetch quests and other tasks you can complete. You just have to explore. in fact, the game heavily encourages you to explore to find hidden items and goals. As you level up and get stronger, you will need better gear, so why not look around?

There are very powerful weapons like the Meteorite Staff, which is great for INT-based casters. You might also want to put some time into finding those rather useful Smithing Stones if you plan to keep this one around. Upgrading your gear beyond its base stats is hugely helpful in Elden Ring. But beyond that, there may also be story implications for helping folks out. Deathroot in Elden Ring is another of these useful items that NPCs will give you rewards for finding.

Where to find Deathroot in Elden Ring

D and Gurranq are two NPCs that want the item for their own needs, and will give you some useful stuff in return for giving it to them. Keep reading to find the best locations to look for some. The item is actually kind of common, you just have to know where to look. You can choose to give it to either of the two NPCs, let’s talk about D first. The first time you meet D is on the eastern road from Saintsbridge in Limgrave. He is actually a regular fixture in the game, and will feature in many quests and story moments.

If you explored the starting zone in Limgrave, you may have found the Deathtouched Catacombs already, that zone has a boss that drops Deathroot. If you’re having trouble finding it, it’s not too hard. Follow the Saintsbridge west and look for a pile of rocks that will allow you to climb a ledge. Follow the path into the underground area to enter the dungeon. Defeating the Black Knife Assassin isn’t easy, as he’s very nimble and hits like a truck. but if you do this, you get Deathroot and the Assassin’s Crimson Dagger.

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It’s a good idea to do this for D. He’ll then offer to introduce you to his pal, Gurranq. This allows you to put more Deathroot to use, and unlock some new story paths. When you accept his task, he will direct you to Third Church of Marika in Mistwood, just follow your map and make your way there. Once outside the church, look for a  small portal near a grassy outcropping. Enter that portal. This will teleport you to Bestial Sanctum in northeastern Caelid. USE THIS SHORTCUT! This is a late-game area that you’re not actually ready for. You can’t just wander to the Beast Sanctum on your own without using this portal.

Getting the Beast Eye

The Beast Eye is a key item given to the player by Gurranq that signals the player whenever they are near to Deathroot. You’ll get a notification that says “The Beast Eye Quivers” when this happens. The first time you give a Deathroot to Gurranq in Elden Ring, he’ll hand over the Beast Eye. That makes hunting the stuff down much easier. As for where to find it, it’s mostly random. You can find it as a world drop from certain bosses. For example, Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village drops it on death. Other bosses and chests around the world can contain it as well. You can also find Tibia Mariner at Liurnia of the Lakes and Wyndham Ruins. Both spawns drop Deathroot.

So why do all of this? You can get some powerful weapons and Sorceries each time you trade in Deathroot to Gurranq. He will give you weapons like the Clawmark Seal, as well a special healing spell called Bestial Vitality.

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