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How to become invincible in Grounded

How to become invincible in Grounded

So a new glitch has been discovered. This time, we’re talking about the new game Grounded from Obsidian. Players get shrunk down to the scale of insects and have to adventure across a backyard filled with natural threats and tons of adventure. The game has a deep crafting system and tons of stuff to explore, but also a lot of threats to overcome.

There are spiders, ants, ladybugs, and a bunch of other anthropods and insects that can easily take you out if you engage them in combat. You will usually want to avoid too much direct conflict with the more dangerous enemies like Spiders until you have better gear, but there is a way around this problem. You can also avoid conflict altogether without glitches. You can of course get some basic stop-gap solutions to these problems with either the Spider or Ant armor sets. Both of these armor sets offer invisibility from a single type of enemy. With this glitch though, you can be entirely invincible in Grounded.

This glitch will likely be fixed very quickly with a future patch, so take advantage while you still can.

But if you want to be invincible in Grounded, it will take much more work. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Craft yourself a full set of Acorn Armour and equip it.
  2. Find a small group of enemies that are hostile but not too dangerous, like Soldier Ants
  3. Kill said enemies and DO NOT HEAL
  4. Take off or Toss the Acorn Armour set to leave you with no Armour at all.
  5. The game should no glitch out and any further damage will not apply properly to your health pool.
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Being a glitch, there is a pretty major trade-off here. If you use this glitch, you will lose your inventory when you save and reload the game. It seems that being invincible in Grounded bugs out your character state and the game resets it on load. The further complication is that the glitch stops working if you heal with a bandage or go to sleep at night. This means that you will basically lose the invulnerable state if you sleep, eat to full hunger, or use any healing item.

So in short, clear your inventory before performing the invincibility glitch in Grounded and be sure not to eat or heal.

If you would like to see this process play out via video, check out the video guide for this glitch down below.

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