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EVE: Valkyrie shows pre-alpha footage in new trailer

EVE Valkyrie Gameplay

EVE: Valkyrie is a new VR title coming soon from CCP, the makers of mega-hit space sim EVE Online. CCP has partnered with Oculus to create this new game, and tune it perfectly to the Oculus VR platform. The game is built around being a fighter pilot in space, which is a really awesome concept. The core game will have a variety of different modes when it does launch, but it’s currently in a pre-alpha state. Though to help promote the game, CCP just dropped a new trailer showing the state the VR action title is in, it looks pretty good.

The core idea behind EVE: Valkyrie is an adventure as a fighter pilot. You can take on a singleplayer campaign with a full story revolving around everything from fighting pirates to inner-Empire conflict in the EVE Online universe. CCP will also be adding in multiplayer modes that allow players to prove who has the dogfighting skills. There was some other gameplay footage shown at Fanfest 2015, I highly recommend checking that out if the idea of this game interests you.

Earlier this year, CCP had several other announcements relating to the upcoming game. The company partnered with Dark Horse to create a new comic series inspired by the story of this new VR title. There was also a preview video showing some of the impressive spacecraft in the game engine.

Check it out in the trailer below.

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