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Overwatch announces Archives events and a new backstory comic

A bunch of new content an updates for Overwatch are on the way according to Blizzard.

One of the big new additions is the revival of Uprising content in the game. Uprising this year largely remains the same for the main mission with Tracer’s story. There’s also all-heroes mode too. The event is called Overwatch Archives and the idea is that there are historic moments from the Overwatch backstory that will be played out from these archives.  The requisite loot box content is also being included in these events.

Check out the trailer:

To go along with the Archives events, Blizzard are also releasing a new digital comic that adds more backstory to the conflicts between Talon and the remnants of Overwatch and Blackwatch. New skins will be released for these events as well, so you might want to get excited for that too.

The comic follows Blackwatch as they look to capture a high-ranking Talon official following an attack on Overwatch facilities. Naturally, those plans soon become complicated. Written by Blizzard’s Matt Burns and illustrated by Gray Shuko, you can read the comic in full here.

And if you’re one of those players who has a hard time avoiding some of the more toxic gamers, Blizzard has your back with a newly implemented “Avoid as Teammate” system that was introduced in patch 1.22. The new system allows players to block certain players if they’re overly toxic or just plain bad. Check out the developer update for the new feature below:

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