How to be born in California in BitLife

Complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife

We’re back with another weekly challenge in BitLife.  This time, we’re back in a world of zany hijinks and nonsense. Usually, these are convoluted challenges that must be done in sequence. Sometimes, we’re getting very simple challenges, other times the tasks are convoluted. This film-inspired challenge is a bit more in the middle. It’s not too hard, but it does take some work. This new one is a film-inspired affair. The process for the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife is pretty simple. You basically need to get through law school, and be beautiful doing it.

Be sure to check out our Legally Blonde Challenge Guide for more details on how to finish this challenge!

Now, on to one of the first steps you need to finish up. Before you get into the challenge proper, trying to make it through law school, you need to pick the right place to be born in. Like during the film the quest is based on, you need to be born in the state of California in the United States.

To be born in California in BitLife, you will need to start a new character and select the United States of America as your starting nation. You can’t immigrate here for the challenge to work, you need to be born here. The biggest problem is that non-Premium players don’t get the ability to set their birth location. You have to keep rerolling characters until you get the US and a California-based city as your starting locale.

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When you pick the US and your starting state, certain cities can be selected randomly. You can get Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or San Jose as options with enough effort.

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