How to make Bricks in Minecraft

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There are a multitude of different building blocks in Minecraft. Minecraft loves to give gamers creative freedom to build and explore randomly generated worlds. The sheer number of enemies, hidden treasures and other challenges you will face is tons of fun. Along with all of that, there’s the added layer of creativity. Players can build their own sprawling fortresses and towns, or even recreate legendary fantasy lands. To do that, you need a bunch of different kinds of blocks.

Clay in Minecraft can be used to make bricks and various walls out of stained clay. You can also bake it to make terracotta of various colors. It’s a very useful decorative block, and can be kind of hard to come by. Many players will opt to use a bunch of Clay for Terracotta, which is a perfectly valid use for the block. With 16 colors of Terracotta in Minecraft, you have plenty of building options with it. Clay placed under note blocks make it produce flute sounds. Use it in any way you see fit.

One of the cool things you can do with bricks of various kinds is stop the spread of fire, and they look pretty cool.

How to make Bricks in Minecraft

To get Bricks in Minecraft, you will first need to find Clay in the wild. You will need a steady supply of this stuff to make enough bricks.  These gray blocks are found near and in bodies of water like rivers and ponds. They won’t be regularly found in oceans on modern versions of the game, as was the case in older ports.

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To make bricks in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a clay block. Clay blocks can be found near rivers or lakes.
  2. Break the clay block by hand or with shovel. This will produce one of the required materials for creating traditional bricks, clay balls. Breaking one block of clay will yield 4 clay balls.
  3. Place the clay balls in the top slot of the furnace grid.
  4. Place a fuel source such as charcoal or lava in the bottom slow of your furnace grid.
  5. Move your newly crafted bricks into your inventory!

Now that you have Bricks, you have the option to put them to use. You can cart them over to a crafting table to see what recipes you can use. It is possible to create other types of bricks including stone bricks, nether bricks, and more.

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