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Minecraft: Dungeons Revealed at E3 2019

Minecraft: Dungeons Announced for PC in 2019

The newest effort from Mojang finally has some new gameplay to show off, much to the excitement of Minecraft fans. Mojang has been trying really hard to milk their flagship IP for all it’s worth these last few years. With endless ports of the open-world adventure game to every device under the sun, there’s no doubt that the efforts to make the game successful have done just that. Mincraft has come a long way from its early days as a simple Java game.

And with the newest trailer for Minecraft: Dungeons out, gamers all across the globe have a new reason to think about one of the most popular video games ever made.

During their E3 event, Microsoft revealed some new gameplay snippets for Minecraft: Dungeons, and it’s a very new experience compared to the very open gameplay style of the IP in the past.

The game is being billed as a dungeon-crawler set in the Minecraft universe. So expect a much more family-friendly take on Diablo more than anything. While players won’t be brawling demons, you can expect to take on zombies, skeletons, and various denizens of alternate dimensions like Zombie Pigman, Ghasts and Endermen.

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The whole experience is built around a concept of adventuring for loot. You can then use that loot to craft more powerful gear, all in the name of taking on more powerful foes. It’s pretty obvious to see how this whole thing ties into the core gameplay loop that should appeal to the audience the game has built over the years. The new game should offer a fairly unique and somewhat difficult ARPG-like feel for fans of the franchise.

Minecraft: Dungeons is due out for PC and Xbox One in Spring 2020. There are potential plans to port the dungeon-crawler to other platforms.

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