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Hearthstone teases next expansion with “Choose Wisely” trailer

Hearthstone New Expansion Teased

So Blizzard is ramping up their hype marketing ahead of BlizzCon 2019 and the oncoming holiday season of 2019. We’ve gotten a few teases for future content, and a ton of reveals for different games, like the upcoming beta for Warcraft III: Reforged. Then there was the surprise leak of Overwatch 2, the sequel aiming to replace the original game. And now, fans of the card game variety are getting their hype on with Hearthstone teasers.

It’s a very simple prospect, but given that this is Blizzard, there’s always more to these things than meets the eye. The story is likely the conclusion of the current Year of the Dragon storyline, with its consistent focus on the exploits of the League of E.V.I.L. This faction of ne’er-do-wells is up to no good, and the forces of justice have been fighting them back across multiple expansions and story content updates. Sure, plenty of fans would rather be on the good side with the League of Explorers from the Saviors of Uldum expansion, but I can’t pass up a good chance to be bad. I must admit, I had a ton of fun heisting with these wackos in the Dalaran Heist adventure.

Check it out in the trailer down below.

Hearthstone “Choose Wisely” speculation

So what exactly does this mean? There’s of course a ton of speculation going on trying to figure out what Blizzard has planned. Hearthstone players will very likely be picking a side in an ongoing conflict, it just seems to be a matter of debate as to what those side are.

Eagle-eyed users have noticed that the teaser includes imagery related to lore locations and factions like Dragonblight and Wyrmrest Temple. This means that the next expansion is likely to include these elements. The history of the Dragonblight and the ongoing turmoil of their pro-magic/anti-magic conflict is to deep to summarize in detail here, but the basics are this: Two groups of dragons, one wants to eliminate magic, the other wants to preserve it, they’re fighting over it. We could very well see this conflict play out with a new Dragon-themed expansion.

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Some users also suggest that the choice teased is in fact a literal direct choice between the factions in other expansions. The path the story could take will depend on which side you choose, if this speculation comes to pass. Players could choose one side, and end up in a brutal struggle against the other, echoing the setups from the various themed adventures. Given that we have expansions and story content for both the League of Explorers and the League of E.V.I.L., it makes sense that Blizzard would have a set of content that heavily features both as they battle for supremacy.

And while this likely will not be a Mass Effect 3 level screw up, the outcome will be interesting nonetheless.

Speculation aside, as the Hearthstone “Choose Wisely” teaser shows, we’ll see what the future holds on November 1.

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