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Warcraft III: Reforged multiplayer beta kicking off this week

Warcraft III: Reforged announced as a full remaster

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that the multiplayer beta for Warcraft III: Reforged is starting this week, with the first invitations going out today. Warcraft III: Reforged is of course the revival of the 2002 classic real-time strategy title which has gone on to completely change the landscape of gaming, giving birth to two titanic properties. The RTS genre has its own legendary roots, but Warcraft III in particular spawned the groundwork for the MOBA genre, which has its own massive hits, and of course the most popular MMO ever, World of Warcraft.

I’m going to avoid becoming a living Mega 64 joke and calling Warcraft, or its main rival Starcraft, the Dark Souls of RTS games, it’s impossible to deny the influence these games have had on the following years and the trends within video games and popular culture. But when I say Starcraft, everyone knows exactly what I mean, even if they’re only vaguely familiar with the RTS genre. So while Warcraft III and its Frozen Throne addon fail to capture the same astronomically high level of longevity and popularity of Starcraft, it’s no doubt a beloved genre title. There’s a reason much of the lore that built World of Warcraft was drawn from these games.

And much like WoW Classic, Warcraft III: Reforged is seeking to recapture that early feeling of a classic game that millions have fallen in love with. The project was revealed fully last year at BlizzCon 2018, and fans have awaited more news since then.

Spoils of War

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To coincide with this announcement, Blizzard has revealed that in addition to the beefed up graphics and redone audio, this game will feature some all new content, but that won’t be in the beta just yet. For the beta, 1v1 and 2v2 matchmaking on a few maps will be enabled. Players will be able to choose from the remade Orc and Human races for their respective faction. Now, you might be wondering, how do you get access.

Those that were speedy enough to purchase the special Spoils of War version of the game are going to be able to claim a whole treasure trove of goodies in addition to access to this limited beta. These bonuses extend to pretty much all of Blizzards various games as well. Heroes of the Storm is getting four new heroes, Thrall, Anub’arak, Jaina, and Tyrande, all available as part of this special edition. Hearthstone players get a special card for pre-ordering. There’s even a new Meat Wagon mount in World of Warcraft.

Spoils of War will also provide Reforged proper with a number of skins. These include:

  • Champion of the Horde Thrall
  • Daughter of the Seas Proudmoore
  • Fallen King Arthas
  • Emerald Nightmare Cenarius
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