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GGG temporarily reintroduces Sin & Innocence Mystery Box, adds new MTX

Sin and Innocence Mystery Box

Mystery Boxes in Path of Exile, an often contentious topic. Some gamers find them to be acceptable means of monetization and they give out cool rewards, others see them as another example of the loot box scourge. And despite some very obvious criticisms of GGG when it comes to monetization practices around pricing, they usually handle the whole thing fairly well. Players on average seem to enjoy the random chance at grabbing a super-expensive, and even if they don’t particularly enjoy the league mechanic, these boxes often enjoy a short stint of popularity.

And every once in a while, the developer wants to reward the players a little by giving them a shot at an old but popular run of these boxes. So that means GGG is bringing back the Sin and Innocence Mystery Box.

The original version of the mystery box was introduced in Bestiary League, and as GGG usually does with these, it was retired from active circulation at the end of that challenge league. The developer has apparently seen the light, so to speak, and brought this particular set of cosmetic loot boxes back from the vaults. Players will now be able to grab them for a limited time this weekend.

So if you want to grab some older MTX, possibly for really cheap if you get lucky, then check out this box. You can see a glimpse of what’s in the original box in the preview trailer down below.

The Sin and Innocence Mystery Box will be available over at the Path of Exile store until the 29th of July, 21:00 PDT.

Grinding Gear Games isn’t done yet though, as they had more MTX to introduce to the cash shop, and it’s actually new stuff this time.

There’s the Necrotic Shield effect, this bony and effluvia-covered effect fits in well with any undead or blood-soaked armor sets. Grinding Gear Games sites the Viper armor sets and the Necrotic cosmetics as a particularly fitting comparison.

And next up is the Shaper-inspired Celestial Rain of Arrows skill effect. This Skill Effect works perfectly with any other celestial-themed microtransaction from the shop, like the Celestial Character Effect and the Celestial Hood. For the remaining parts of your outfit we’d recommend using the Celestial Armour Set with the Darkprism Cape, and the Arc of Courage for your bow.

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