Fortnite Map Challenges for Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 3

How to build a Umbrella Glider in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

There’s always new and reworked content in Fortnite. Fortnite Map Challenges are just one of many things Epic tweaks each week or season. In this case, Epic aims to use a weekly list of challenges to give something to players to do. The rewards are often tied to Battle Pass progression and other rewards.

Finishing up each challenge will get you 35,000 XP, so it’s a very good way to get a jump in your Battle Pass levels early in the season. And with all the skins, gliders, pickaxes, and emotes that you can unlock, it’s a nice little incentive to pick up and run with. If you’re into min-maxing the impact of your time with the game, Fortnite Map Challenges are a good way to do that. And yes, you can even use these to help you unlock Parts and Colors for your new Umbrella.

This week’s set of Fortnite Map Challenges are seemingly tied to a variety of different locales and themes on the map. Right now the challenges listed below are not live in the game yet. Some of these rely on already existing game mechanics, and some will likely have been changed in some way. We do know that the locations you will be traveling to this week are the Yacht, the Authority, Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park and the Fortilla.

Here’s the newly leaked list of Fortnite Map Challenges for Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 3:

  • Use different Ziplines at the Authority (0/8)
  • Search chest or ammo boxes at Holly Hedges (0/7)
  • Find Deadpool floaties at The Yacht (0/3)
  • Score a goal on the soccer pitch at Pleasant Park (0/1)
  • Eliminations at Lazy Lake (0/3)
  • Headshot Henchmen at the Fortilla (0/20)
  • Gather or consume Foraged Items at the Orchard (0/5)
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