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Everquest II to experiment with “Prison” server for cheaters

Citing a new approach to dealing with naughty players, Daybreak are testing a new idea in regard to violations of the game’s rules. The new server, titled Drunder, will imprison players that are found to be cheating there indefinitely. Players can also elect to move to the special server, but will have no option to return to “normal” servers.

The problem of cheating was typically responded to with a “strikes” system of some description by game companies. Once a cheater accrued too many penalties, they would be banned permanently. This of course is only effective until the cheater creates a new account and continues their ways, having a negative effect on the game world and the experience of others. Even as detection technology to automatically curb cheaters has improved, it has only moderately kept pace with the issue.

Daybreak have said that the idea for Drunder will be a test phase meant to allow cheaters to continue enjoying the game as long as their subscription is active; in a secluded environment with no chance of affecting the game experience of others.

What do you think, good idea?

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