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Wolfenstein II heads to Switch on June 29

Wolfenstein II

Bethesda has announced that the Nazi-punching and explodifying sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order will be available on June 29th for $60. You can check out the trailer below. Let’s just hope that this port can hold up performance-wise. And even though some Switch ports have been horribly jittery messes, Nintendo and developers as a whole have been doing a great job optimizing their games for the platform. If the trailer is any indication, there’s a definite level of detail that makes you wonder if it’s actually being run on a portable console.

Winner of “Best Action Game” at The Game Awards, Wolfenstein II brings its fast-paced gameplay, riveting story, and compelling cast of characters to Nintendo Switch when it launches on June 29, 2018! Your mission is simple: No. More. Nazis. As renowned hero BJ Blazkowicz, you’ll set out to take back America from Nazi reign with your band of freedom fighters — that is if General Engel doesn’t stop you first. You are the Nazi’s number one enemy, and the only thing standing in their way from a global takeover — no pressure, right? With an arsenal of powerful weapons to dual-wield, unusual contraptions, and your trusty hatchet, nothing will stop you from liberating America.

In a somewhat surprising move, given Nintendo’s history of being more conservative in the games it allows, Bethesda has confirmed that this release of Wolfenstein II is totally uncensored. What this shows is that Nintendo is growing up in a sense by realizing that games don’t always have to be as family-friendly as possible.

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