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Here’s what you can do in the first hour of Final Fantasy 15 – new gameplay


Final Fantasy XV‘s release is just over a month away and if you weren’t already dying to get your hands on this open-world beauty; the hour of gameplay from Eurogamer below might just be enough to tempt you. Spike up your hair, grab your giant sword, adopt a sullen and defiant teenage attitude, and join us for a road trip:

The gameplay options and mechanics shown off here are varied and interesting, from driving to beautifully choreographed combat. Everything is there to show off the reinvention of the franchise that this game represents. Though this footage shares a lot of similarity with the PAX West footage, it does show off a bit more of in-depth mechanics.

The exploration elements are also shown off impressively, with the player demonstrating that there’s a whole host of areas to find off the beaten path. It seems that not everywhere will be accessible right away, though, as you might expect. The dangers of delving into caves at lower levels, or driving at night are apparent; with the players being sliced up by a spooky samurai in a mine, and later running for their lives from some familiar nocturnal enemies. Listen to Ignis when he tells you not to drive at night, as Final Fantasy continues its tradition of using beef gates.


Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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