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Denuvo beaten again, removed from Sonic Mania by Sega

Sonic Mania

SEGA has now released a patch for Sonic Mania, the title published by Sega for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows. This patch includes a few different fixes and additions for the 2017 action-platformer, but the biggest deal is what the patch takes out.

SEGA and Denuvo previously made a pretty big deal about the inclusion of the countermeasure in the former’s games, and now it looks like Denuvo is becoming less and less effective. The Japanese company has already removed Denuvo from Yakuza 0 and has recently released Yakuza Kiwami without this anti-tamper tech.

It’s actually a pretty small update for the game, only including a couple minor fixes alongside pulling the DRM tech out of the title. Although for a 2017 title to get its protection pulled isn’t a big surprise. The version of Denuvo in the game is the very outdated Denuvo 4.9 variant, for context the current version numbers hover around the 5.6 range. And the purpose of DRM isn’t to protect a title from piracy forever, it’s just to keep the launch window of a game open for optimum sales. And the launch window for Sonic Mania has long passed.

Here are the other bug fixes included in the patch for Sonic Mania:

  • Fixed an issue where a controller didn’t always get detected
  • Increased the amount of storage size a user could access for the replay data.
  • Fixed an issue where the check for compatible shaders was not performed when the game starts.
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