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Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A adding new biomes and more

Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A Patch Notes

Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A will be the latest update deployed ahead of the Caves and Cliffs update that was announced earlier this year. Since the Snapshots are the testbed for new features in Java edition, things are about to change a fair bit. The new Snapshot will debut soon and bring with it technical fixes and changes to other game mechanics.

The first of the new cave biomes, the Dripstone Caves, will be added as part of the patch. The topography of the biome is unlike the caves you’re used to. New stalagmites, stalactites, and columns made from the new Dripstone will be common, as will formations of various types of other stones common in caves. Expect Mojang to drip-feed biomes in successive patches.

Sculk Sensors are a new item being tested in Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A. in the new underground biomes they will essentially act as seismographs with the ability to detect incoming threats and shifts in the underground landscape. There’s a whole unique interaction planned here with vibrations and vibration frequencies that the Sculk Sensors pick up based on intensity and proximity. Frequency values range from 1 to 15 and have a variety of impacts based on the source. You can even use Wool Blocks to insulate the Sensor from vibrations to focus its attention in a certain direction. These can also be used to transfer Redstone signals as they can emit them.

Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A Patch Notes


  • The fullness of a bundle now shows up regardless of whether advanced tooltips are on or off.
  • Stalactites and stalagmites merge if the tips are next to each other unless you press shift while placing.


  • A new game event system has been implemented to support Sculk Sensors detecting vibrations.
  • World height-related values are now exposed for customized worlds.
  • Removed the max-build-height server setting.
  • Added occludes_vibration_signals block tag. Anything in this tag will occlude vibrations, and inherits wool tag entries by default.
  • New particle types: vibration and dust_color_transition
  • A new game event system has been implemented to support Sculk Sensors detecting vibrations.


This system has been developed to identify when certain in-world actions are happening in nearby chunks, particularly so the new sculk sensor can detect these events as vibrations.

The following is a list of the initial game events:

  • minecraft:step
  • minecraft:swim
  • minecraft:flap
  • minecraft:elytra_free_fall
  • minecraft:hit_ground
  • minecraft:splash
  • minecraft:projectile_shoot
  • minecraft:projectile_land
  • minecraft:entity_hit
  • minecraft:block_place
  • minecraft:block_destroy
  • minecraft:fluid_place
  • minecraft:fluid_pickup
  • minecraft:block_open
  • minecraft:block_close
  • minecraft:block_switch
  • minecraft:block_unswitch
  • minecraft:block_attach
  • minecraft:block_detach
  • minecraft:block_press
  • minecraft:block_unpress
  • minecraft:container_open
  • minecraft:container_close
  • minecraft:explode
  • minecraft:armor_stand_add_item
  • minecraft:wolf_shaking
  • minecraft:dispense_fail
  • minecraft:fishing_rod_cast
  • minecraft:fishing_rod_reel_in
  • minecraft:piston_extend
  • minecraft:piston_contract
  • minecraft:flint_and_steel_use
  • minecraft:eating_start
  • minecraft:eating_finish
  • minecraft:lightning_strike


There are also game event tags that come with this and can be modified by data packs. They can be found under data/minecraft/tags/game_events.

  • vibrations Determines which game events are considered vibrations by the Sculk Sensor. Currently, all added game events are in this tag by default.
  • ignore_vibrations_stepping_carefully Which game events should be ignored by the Sculk Sensor when the source of the event is sneaking.
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The following game events are in ignore_vibrations_stepping_carefully by default:

  • minecraft:step
  • minecraft:hit_ground
  • minecraft:projectile_shoot


  • MC-18880 – The Absorption effect has no texture for poison/wither hearts (appears empty instead)
  • MC-201840 – Optional function tags sometimes don’t run even when the tag exists
  • MC-203797 – Placing or removing a block over the void causes a DecoderException on servers
  • MC-204314 – Double copper slabs only drop a single slab when mined
  • MC-205043 – Absorption hearts appear broken when taking freezing damage
  • MC-205096 – Hardcore hearts lose all color when player is taking freeze damage
  • MC-205391 – Waxing cut copper doesn’t prevent it from oxidising
  • MC-205629 – Unused sign cache when rendering signs
  • MC-206553 – Pointed Dripstone creates water particles in the Nether
  • MC-206563 – Pointed dripstone is not connected to the player’s hand
  • MC-206578 – Large pillars of stalactites don’t fall when the block above is removed
  • MC-206583 – Cauldrons below stalactites at least 2 blocks tall won’t fill up
  • MC-206591 – Setting any floating block to a pointed dripstone, causes the replaced block to drop as an item
  • MC-206594 – Large stalactites falling occasionally don’t drop all of their pointed dripstone items
  • MC-206599 – Pointed dripstone can be placed atop each other, even if a player would be inside the hitbox of the lower dripstone
  • MC-206606 – Frustum stage of stalactites negates fall damage
  • MC-206613 – Pointed Dripstone duplicates when the block it was attached to is removed
  • MC-206615 – Pointed dripstone’s hitbox can extend further than a block, causing nearby stalactites to not be able to fall
  • MC-206642 – Stalactites destroy items they fall on, however stalagmites don’t
  • MC-206643 – When a dripstone’s hitbox extends into the space of another block, the area that extends into said block cannot be targeted
  • MC-206669 – Inconsistency between dripstone and non-mob entities
  • MC-206682 – Floating dripstone tips are sometimes left behind from large dripstone pillars
  • MC-206691 – Pointed dripstone replaces items with pointed dripstone items
  • MC-206711 – Coding error at
  • MC-206790 – Waterlogged dripstone does not update
  • MC-206878 – Pointed dripstone attached to a piston is not removed as the piston extends

Source: Mojang

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