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Warparty brings prehistoric battles to PC and console at the end of March


Are you ready to engage in real-time strategy battles set in a mystical Stone-Age? If so, then you may be interested to learn that Warparty is gearing up to arrive on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on March 28, 2019 at the price of $24.99. While the PC version is still in Early Access on Steam, you can grab it for $17.99, so keep that in mind.

Warparty occurs in a prehistoric world of humans, dinosaurs, and magic. Within this ancient world, three chieftains have discovered artifacts of the Go’n, which is an ancient race that had gone extinct after a large war was waged. Now, with artifacts in hand, these three chieftains aim to change the world forever, thus succeeding where the ancient Go’n race failed.

To be successful, you will need to build a base, train various units, then lead them to victory against your enemies. As you capture the ancient Go’n Shrines, you will be able to draw power from them, utilizing it to fuel devastating spells that can change the tide of battle or further cement your lead. You can also hunt dinosaurs or even recruit them to further supplement your army, as well as evolve your tribe with new technology and talents for your Chieftain and destroy your enemy completely.

Warparty Gameplay

Warparty allows you to choose from three factions; The proud Wildlanders, menacing Necromas, and vengeful Vithara. Upon choosing your faction you will be able to engage in a campaign in which you must lead them to victory, tackling unique missions, challenging objectives, and discovering the purpose of this ancient power.

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Aside from the campaign, you can engage various difficulties of the AI on a variety of Jungle, Winter, and Desert maps. Or, if you want to test yourself even further, you can engage in the Survival Mode, in which you will need to survive as long as possible against an overwhelming number of enemies.

PC players will also have access to online multiplayer, allowing you to either challenge your friends or even team up with them to take down the AI. You can also join as an Observer, allowing you to survey the battles and possibly learn new strategies to utilize when you take on the AI yourself.

If you enjoy competition, you can even play Ranked matches on PC, which are hosted on developer Warcrave’s private servers. These matches will pit you against opponents who are equally skilled, granting you new ranks as you earn points and climb your way to the top. Are you ready for a prehistoric rumble? Because that’s what you’re about to get when you jump into the fray. If that sounds like it’s interesting to you, check out the trailer for the game down below to see more.

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