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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain shines in latest trailers

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Gameplay

Tokyo Game Show 2018 begins this week, and some developers and publishers are getting a headstart on getting news out about their upcoming games and other releases.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is the subject of the latest round of hype from Bandai Namco.

Since the game was announced at TGS 2017, fans have been awaiting more news about the excellent high-octane bug smashing action that the series is known for. Now we have more news in the form of a brand new trailer and some other gameplay details. And judging from the trailers and gameplay that we’ve seen, this game has fairly dark tone compared to the previous ones in the franchise. So if you’ve wanted more gore and chaos with your extermination, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain may be your dream come true.

EDF fans will be ecstatic to learn that this game includes a whole host of new slimy nasties to blow to pieces. There will also be new Soldier classes to tool around with.

There are three new bugs that we know of:

  • Storm Ants – A dangerous foe that is as deadly as it is numerous. These foot soldiers of the insectoid invaders can overwhelm even the toughest fighters with pure volume.
  • Bomb Beetle – These units cloak themselves among surrounding enemy units, waiting for the opportune time to detonate their toxic payloads. Spot them quickly, and eliminate them viscously, or pay the price.
  • Sideros – A mysterious giant creature that falls from the skies, they carry more energy gems than other large creatures. These are brute force units that can rip down entire buildings with ease.

And there are two new classes for players to use, those are:

  • Soldier: Trooper – A very flexible class which uses a wide array of firearms and explosives to deal with enemies. They also use specialized gear for increased mobility around the battlefield.
  • Soldier: Jet Lifter – An aerial unit which can rain fire down on ground-based enemies. They also have the ability to act as recon units.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain will come west in 2019, so far it’s been confirmed for PS4. Check out the badass new gameplay trailers for the game down below.

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