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Black Clover: Quartet Knights showcases awesome character in sleek trailer

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Launch Trailer

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Black Clover: Quartet Knights, this time the latest gameplay trailer for the JRPG is all about one character in particular.

Said spotlighted character is Young Yami, one of the most popular characters in the source material, and one of the primary elements in the story of this game. It’s Young Yami’s past being put under the microscope in the story of this game. And his connections to the worlds of magic and demons should be deeply explored by the time the player reaches the end.

The player will follow Yami and other characters through the course of a long-running story that acts sort of like a coming-of-age tale. As Yami ages, his abilities change and strengthen. Whereas the younger hero is more acrobatic and wily, while his older self is much more direct and forceful, both in and out of combat.

These abilities will become vital to success in the 4-on-4 battles that are the core of the combat mechanics. Since the careful strategy of picking a strong team composition is vital to surviving, the chance to balance out your weaknesses by complementing them with strengths is a crucial part of the game.

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Black Clover: Quartet Knights is currently available worldwide for PS4 and PC. Check out the new trailer down below.

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