How to send gifts in Forza Horizon 5

How to find new car designs in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is a definite evolution of the franchise. By focusing heavily on in-game events, online play and fun, the series is getting its best time in the sun. The improvements made to the game world and the racing have drawn millions of players in. And if you’re the kind of friends to play together, you can make plenty of pals out on digital roads.

Those who want to send gifts can send cars to pretty much anyone. If you have a favorite car skin creator, you can send them one, for example. Random other players could also get one. Basically, you can become the Auto Trade Santa Claus if you really want to.

When you want to send a gift, go the pause menu. From there, hit RB to go to the My Horizon menu. This is where many different stats and features can be found. Be warned that any cars you send as gifts will be removed from your collection, and you will need to rebuy them to claim them again.

So where else can you send gifts in Forza Horizon 5 from? One of the many locations in-game you can visit are the Barn Find spawns. These hidden car spawn locations are all over the map, and you can go back to them once you’ve found them. Heading back to them once the car reward has been claimed will allow you to send a gift.

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You can even get into the Hall of Fame, and prove your driving worth. Getting into the Hall of Fame is not the only thing to do in the game. There will also be many different side and seasonal events you can finish as well. The latest one involves the DeLorean DMC-12. There are plenty of optional things to unlock, and it’s going to take a while. Forza Horizon 5 features some very interesting car designs you can use. You can also buy and sell cars to expand your garage. Players wanting to game online have that option as well, exploring the world with friends. And along with all of that, comes cars, tons of them.

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