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Days Gone will be 67 GB on launch

Days Gone One Bullet TV Trailer

Continuing the trend of massive install sizes, Days Gone for the PS4 will also have a fairly huge install size when it drops later this month. The new open-world zombie shooter clocks in at a rather meaty 67 GB on first install, and that’s not counting any later patches or updates.

The problem of bigger games, especially on game consoles, has been developing into an issue for quite a while. With major AAA titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 needing to ship on two discs due to the massive install size nearing 100 GB, gamers are struggling to manage their game libraries. This trend will only get worse over time though, as games use prettier graphical tech, more complex levels, and equally complex gameplay loops, install sizes will slowly increase over time. This means that console hardware will always be lagging behind the bleeding edge of PC.With storage sizes locked on modern consoles at between 500 GB – 2 TB, most console gamers are forced to spend a fair amount of money upgrading their storage solutions through external SSD options. Microsoft and Sony have both partnered with storage companies like Seagate to produce branded drives, but these are often somewhat more expensive than just buying a generic SSD and using that.

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PC gamers are also starting to run into these issues as well, at least those on a budget. Even as high-speed SSDs get more affordable, decent storage sizes beyond the first terabyte of data are going to continue to be prohibitively expensive for those not willing to spend $100-$200 at the bottom end just on some more storage.

At least for all of that install size, gamers get a fairly fleshed-out zombie experience. The story of Days Gone could easily clock in at 20-30 hours if you run through everything, so at least you’ll have a decent amount of stuff to do in-game. Speaking of stuff to do in-game, there’s plenty of infected beasties to hunt. Check out a trailer released by Sony that talks about some of the enemy types in Days Gone.

Days Gone will launch on April 26th, exclusively for the PS4.

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