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Cyberpunk 2077 third-person mod added for the PC

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Cyberpunk 2077 has not had an easy launch. The game was released on December 10 and was met with immediate backlash for how broken the game was, especially on PS4 and Xbox One. The wave of anger spread throughout the industry, and even prompted a wave of refunds, costing CDPR millions in sales. Still, the game has sold like gangbusters, likely retaining millions of sales for what is a pretty solid game. Although it wasn’t without its faults, like with a huge save corruption issue.

There have been other complaints beyond performance though, namely in missing quality-of-life features. There are a stunning number of UI foibles with the game, like lack of accessibility options. A lot of it points toward the conclusion that the game was very rushed, and just didn’t get the time it needed to add all the features gamers wanted in the hyped title. The one major omission is the lack of a third-person mode.

Modders have been on the ball with that one problem though. As there has already been a version of the game patched to allow for the camera to shift out to third-person during most scenes. There will be some scenes using this mod that are still locked to first-person. And because this is an unofficial mod, there are the usual warnings about bugs and such that come with it. For now though, it’s the best option we have. There has been no confirmation that CDPR will add such a mode to the game in a future patch.

You will need to hack the game with Cheat Engine, as this allows the mod to inject code into the game. You will then use in-game commands to alter the engine’s parameters to force the game to run in third-person. It’s not an easy or elegant solution, but you will be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 third-person with this method. There’s a tutorial with all the links and details below.

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