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Path of Exile announces more details about League content in 3.5

Path of Exile Betrayal League

With the impending release of Path of Exile 3.5, and the new Challenge League Betrayal League, ARPG fans are really eager to get more news about the latest patch to the best free-to-play action RPG on the market. Well now Grinding Gear Games has some more info to share with us about how the old mechanics will work in this update.

And for those of you wondering, Path of Exile‘s Betrayal expansion will include plenty of older League content with a few reworks to make things even easier for the POE players out there. Like we knew already, GGG is reworking the Forsaken Masters system, as well as the Hideouts, to make progression in this area of Path of Exile much easier. In 3.5 the Masters missions will be rendered completely optional, but now they will be used to allow players to take part in old League systems.

Alva Valai, Einhar, Niko  and of course new NPC Jun Ortoi will make up the new roster of Masters that staff your Hideout. And each master will have a set ladder of progression that unlocks new elements at different points of normal play. All in all, the system seems a lot more streamlined and easier to work with compared to the pre-Betrayal versions.

Per GGG’s announcement, here are the details:

Alva can be encountered from Act Seven onwards. Alva’s level is proportional to the number of different Temple rooms you have explored. She will be maximum level once you have explored every type of Temple room in the present-day version.

Einhar has returned, as a Master, and you will meet him from Act Two onwards. His missions involve hunting the area for one red beast and some yellow beasts. And he’ll do all of the capturing.

Niko and the Azurite Mine will appear from Act Four onwards, after you have unsealed The Mines. Delve otherwise remains largely unchanged from 3.4.0.

And although the recently announced Private Leagues will allow players to craft their own unique Leagues with custom difficulty, these won’t allow players to recreate entire old League mechanics.

In other POE news, the game is coming to the PS4, and is bringing plenty of free-to-play ARPG fun to the land of Sony.

Path of Exile 3.5, and the new Challenge League Betrayal League, will launch for all platforms on December 7. Read the most recent announcement about Betrayal League over on GGG’s official site.

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