How to become a Police officer in BitLife

How to join the Mafia in BitLife

BitLife is the mobile life sim where you can do anything. You can take on any job and become a legend in many ways. The game lets you create the ideal version of yourself, or just a complete lunatic. And in the case of some of the hidden challenges and secrets, things get very weird in a hurry. But there are also some more mundane things you can do. If you want to fight crime, you can do that too. To become a police officer in BitLife, here’s what you need to do.

To get this job, you need to have a few stats pretty high. Go to the Gym as soon as you hit High School, and start working out. You need high Health stats to get the job. Smarts are also very important, so go to the library and read books as much as you can. You will find both of these under the Mind & Body tab under Activities.

Once you’re through High School, you can apply for the job. You need to look under the Occupations tab, and then check the career listings for Police Cadet. The job won’t always be there. If it doesn’t show up, just restart the app and try again.

As a sort of reflection of the real world, it’s very easy to become a police officer in BitLife. America doesn’t train its cops all that much, and the same is true in this digital sim. Finishing high school is the only training you need to actually do to get the job. There is the added Health requirement that you need to have. When you apply for the job, make sure you have a high Health score to be able to pass the entrance interview.

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There, once you have the job, you now can become a police officer and bust crime. Maybe try hunting down that mob boss friend of yours?

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