Null Sec Sov Fights

CFC Loses Leviathan to Snuff Box

CFc Lev Kill

The newly formed coalition fro Overload everything and it’s allies has sturck a major blow against the CFC.  Taking advantage of the CFC deployment to counter N3 and Black Legion, Snuff Box made moves to catch a CFC move op on the way to the CFC staging system.

A recent leaked alliance mail from Overload details the new coalition and it’s goal to stomp the CFC.

Hello my new friends!

As you probably know by now we have formed a coalition with the goal to take some sovereignty from CFC!
We are aiming high and I am pretty sure that we will be able to finish our objective!
As you probably know pilots in our alliances have high skillpoints and know what they are doing in fleets. We are not like any of the CFC alliances where most of the members only know how to press F1.

So main alliances in out newly formed coalition are:
– Snuffed Out
– Overload Everything
– Psychotic Tendencies.
– Triumvirate.
– Immediate Destruction
– Only For Fun
– U.C.F. Alliance

The super was tackled and killed in Aunenen. Almost immediately, CFC leadership responded, engage the spin zone.

(12:30:34 AM) directorbot: We here at MILITARY COMMAND would like to thank Razor and Repercussus for their noble sacrifices to the Welp God. Your generous donations will secure us a fruitful campaign.
~~~ This was a broadcast from blawrf_mctaggart to all at 2015-03-17 00:31:21.862077 EVE ~~~

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