Catching Shedinja in the Bug Out 2020 event

Can you get Shedinja during the Bug Out 2020 event in Pokémon Go?

With the Bug Out 2020 event going on in Pokémon Go this weekend, things are about to get creepy and crawly. Bug-type Pokémon will be everywhere. And Niantic has enabled various special spawns through random spawns, research tasks and other events. But even with massively increased spawns of the archetype, some folks are hunting very specific spawns, like Shedinja. So here’s the breakdown, no, you cannot get Shedinja this time around during this run of the event.

You can capture some other Pokémon though. There’s a chance that if you use incense during this weekend, Nincada will show up. You won’t be able to catch it by completing research tasks, participating in any of the available raids in the game, or even as a random spawn. Nincada must be encountered as part of using incense in-game. You will notice that the hue of the incense changes to orange during this time, giving you a visual cue.

Nincada would evolve into Ninjask, giving you a powerful mix of Bug and Fighting types. Shedinja used to be an attached but separate part of this evolution chain. That has changed in Pokémon Go. With Pokémon Go, Shedinha is a special spawn that can only be encountered at certain times. This time, Shedinja will not be coming through in Bug Out 2020.

Dwebble and other various Bug-type Pokémon will be part of the event this time though. And Dwebble will have a chance at being Shiny as well.

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