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Fallout 76 Season 1 content teased by Bethesda

Fallout 76 Season 1 Details

Bethesda has just released some good news for fans of Fallout 76. The latest batch of new content, part of the Fallout 76 Season 1 run of DLC, will act as essentially a new expansion for the game. These Seasons are an essential part o the game, as they reset quests on daily and weekly boards, as well as adding new content to the game. This is how the game will release new content from now on.

Bethesda is planning on dropping these Seasons regularly, and will consistently be refreshing content as they go. It will essentially blend this game with the likes of Fortnite by including a new suite of cosmetics and story twists as well. Players will also be able to quest for Legendary and Exotic weapons and gear to take on new challenges.

Bethesda restated that all seasonal content will be free and that opting into the game’s new content will not be locked behind any kind of Battle Pass.  There will be one progression track for all players, regardless of how much money they sink into the game. The first of these updates, featuring new content, will launch on June 30. The cosmetics and new MTX will land on July 14. Bethesda is planning on rolling out on July 14 and be live for some time.

Season 1: The Legendary Run

The new season of content will be titled The Legendary Run and will have a delightfully fitting spin. The niche 50’s feel from the rest of the franchise is back and adding something new. Bethesda has for some reason put a board game twist on things this time, rolled together with a space feel.

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“As Captain Cosmos, you will race the evil Dr. Zorbo across the galaxy. Your progression through the Season will be represented as pieces on a game board. Can you beat Dr. Zorbo to the finish line?”

There’s some mystery with this theme though. Maybe by completing quests or certain milestones you unlock unique rewards, who knows. The overall feel is nice, but it feels a bit confusing.

New Items in Season 1

The game is also introducing a few new items this season. Lunchboxes will be consumable support items that grant players and nearby allies +25% bonus XP. This bonus can be stacked to 100% as well. Bethesda is also making Vault-Tec Supply Packages a thing. These bundles of joy include a few resource drops, some item blueprints, and maybe some basic gear upgrades. The developer has billed them as a means of cutting down on the grind in the game. But not just that, they will also act as a reward for continued play.

For more gameplay-focused things, there’s the Ammo Converter. This manufacturing device allows players to store ammo types for AmmoPoints. These AmmoPoints can then be cashed out for other kinds of ammo. Very useful indeed.

You can find the full details about The Legendary Run, and the rest of the Fallout 76 Season 1 content the Fallout 76 Seasons page. Bethesda has also shared more plans about the future of the game via their official site.

Fallout 76 is available on and Steam.

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