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Save time in Warframe with this weapon crafting chart

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Crafting in Warframe is a complex business. Crafting in this free-to-play title requires farming a fair few resources, as well as the Blueprints, Standing and other requirements to create the item you want. But when you get to crafting Warframe weapons, things take a turn for the even windier path. Many of the dozens of weapons in this game have different variants, and not just Primed ones either. There’s Kuva rewards, basic quest rewards, Prisma, Vandal and more.

And to make matters even harder to deal with, some recipes require entirely completed weapons as components. Some are simple like two Furis being used to create Afuris, but others require multiple Prime components to craft two different weapons, which must then be combined themselves. With the added headache of cracking Relics, it might be too much for some players.

Navigating this mess of different types is a headache, especially for new players. And now, once again, the Warframe community has come through with flying colors and made things much easier for new players. No longer do you have to navigate a choked web of blueprints and menus to figure out what weapons go into that new Akvasto you want. Even the creator of the chart terms some of the more complex recipes as a “nightmare web of headaches” so you know you’re in for a ride.

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With this new chart, it’s very easy to path out the exact component weapons you need to make nearly every weapon in the game. As there are dozens of combinations, there’s a lot to dig through. So instead of trawling through your Blueprint stash and looking for the weapons you need, just use this chart. Not only is it easy to determine what weapons go with what sets, the chart also makes it easy to map out Prime variants as well.

Check out the full chart below. All credit goes to KaageRyoko on the Warframe subreddit.

Made a graph to track weapons used as crafting ingredients from r/Warframe

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