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Far Cry 6 has gone gold ahead of October release

Far Cry 6 Goes Gold

Far Cry 6 has gone gold, which means we’re getting ever closer to that looming release date. Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 6 has gone gold, and things are looking up, but also grim, in a good way.

Going gold means that the game is done, for all intents and purposes. For games this basically means that version 1.0 has shipped, and the team can relax, finally. The term itself refers to the creation of gold master discs from the bygone days of disc printing. Blu-ray discs and other media are still pressed from masters, but using a slightly different production process compared to old-school DVDs. But the ‘going gold’ moniker has stuck around.

To ring in the occasion, a new trailer has been debuted to show off the game’s main story some more. Fans also get a glimpse of the plans for the future. Check out the new trailer below, focusing on what happens after launch.

Not content with just a new trailer and finishing up primary development, the team has more news for fans. The team also revealed a batch of free post-launch content for the game, including three crossover missions. In the new trailer, seen above, you can get a glimpse of this new content. A welcome hilarious addition is the legendary Danny Trejo showing up to lend his vocal and acting talents to the game.

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You can read more about the post-launch DLC on the official site, but it seems pretty clear what to expect. Players will have to fight off more threats to the island after the main story wraps up. The missions get pretty bizarre, and even involve a somewhat psychotic reenactment of Rambo 2; First Blood where the main character is joined by a Rambo superfan for some gun-based chaos.

Ubi also released a visual representation of the roadmap for this new content, seen below.

Far Cry 6 Roadmap

Far Cry 6 lands October 7 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5,PlayStation 4 and PC.

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